Writing Theory — Blending Worlds

We look at writing as some of the most basic function in human minds and societies. For example we can use writing to become better thinkers, make powerful minds, or become really bright and smart.

Writing is tricky though. Are you making things happen to record them or just recording them? Outside of your role in your works, are you a regular person or do you act all the time in your writing? When people tell you to write, are you not writing because you are acting out your role in an insane fashion? When you make fiction happen does that involve composition of real life events or is it just a way of dreaming? Is there a concrete transition of labor into work in writing?

I’ve struggled with some of these issues myself with the progression of a severe illness in the last few months.

I think there’s much we don’t know. But what we do know is that you don’t work when you sleep, and that means writing other people into your fiction doesn’t make them your minions to carry on your work. Let’s do an example: suppose I take in China, Chancellor Xi who has made himself president for life, and I point out some Star Wars fictional parallels. There is no sense in making those on Trump — Trump is neither that powerful nor that bad, speaking as someone who has been on both sides of the aisle. The Jedi in China would be like pro American crowd with the toughest ones being like American CIA who aren’t necessarily spies, some are journalists.

Here again, we are crossing into what is a writer, what is an actor, what is a spy, what is undercover and what is insanity and even what is family?

I think the writing is the most fundamental, seeing as it had to be invented first probably. We take take natural human behavior and place a name to them. Family existed earlier than writing certainly but family is not a vocation. When we write fiction, we use a camcorder like a pen — pen of Herman Hesse, camcorder starts now. But it’s a composite camcorder. Yoda for example is not one person, but all the choices that say, the president of Harvard the Jedi Academy makes, as he is very influential in China.

Step away from the camera, and you will stop believing the script. So when you feel that loss of belief, it’s because someone is turning off your camera and your pen, and the best way for them to do that is to challenge your morals and get you to question your beliefs. For example, they treat you as Chinese when you had been American. China has no reach on the Jedi Academy at Harvard. So the Jedi Academy is also mapped to multiple places. Just like all the elite Jedi are mapped as traders to the hedge fund I used to work. As I can only write about what I know.

The trick is basic lightsaber fighting is all about language (Kit Fisto type aliens like that), more advanced is quantitative (Qui Gonn likes that), then it is computational logic and law (Obi Wan likes that). I record everyone’s story, but we are past these three from my point of view. If you want this story to end, you have to persuade me to change my point of view — as if you simply remove me, the story will continue as it is, because of the real life characters inside with their own motivations. For example, some people wanted to get me to end my liberal dialogue within the United States (I actually tend towards centrist positions, both Republican and Democrat in the USA), but since all they did was shut me down on my audience, the story continued all the way to today. Thus a writer’s mind is a book. To burn books, you would have to get the writer to give up his mind.

Before you get any ideas though, I can answer the question — writers who write spy novels are probably capable of acting in some capacity as spies, see James Bond novel written so well, it has to be written by someone really familiar with that craft. The trick is — the Jedi are viewed as a religion such as Christianity, but there is no mention of Christ. That is probably because the Jedi truly are atheists and they live in the world of atheism which is a religion.

I don’t believe anything that happens in the United States truly reflect anything about this story which is progressing, beyond obvious examples which I write into my book. But if you just retrace a literary analysis instead of coming up with original writing — well, this process is meant to make you smarter, and then you come back with a unique way to summarize it.

The USA I declare is a normal country with normal politics now. We closed the Star Wars loophole which was destabilizing politics in America. That is — listen to me — people never change their base natures, and if they did, they’d be different people, but they change their beliefs and thus their socially acceptable souls all the time. So if you were born American, you’d remain the same, even if you change your beliefs from left to right from international to national and even if your soul switches religion from Christian to Taoist back to atheist. The loophole was that the USA was being destabilized by people who were messing with the liberal system here in America, with the result that a lot of people became not sure if they truly were American. In any case, we are still here. History moves in one direction — forwards. And we’ll see if Anakin Skywalker can resist the temptation of China even as he is called upon to battle with the separatist Count Dooku. I know Anakin Skywalker, I act as him sometime to further my plot, and the Separatist Count Dooku is going to be someone me acting as Qui Gonn wants to pull back to the light side and that is the financier George Soros. We need his mind in our world.

So when you frame someone as a villain in your story: at least you’ve included him, is the argument from some literary dispositions at Harvard. So you breathe life in him and offer him redemption. In our case though, we give the most difficult character to the person we love the most just by knowing about him because we believe in the fundamental premise of the role playing game — that people have authentic selves and so they can take whichever role they want because God sees all and brings us home. Thus we end Trump Bismarck, and the Kaiser X? Now we move into Trump Nixon, and Chinese Foreign Secretary Zhou Enlai X? I’m a Zhou Enlai liberal if I were Chinese, and no one seems to be able to deny this. Let’s move towards mutual understandings while these stories hold up the world. “A long time ago in a galaxy far away” I traded away a life in privileged Ivy League circles for a life fighting disease as I knew I was going to get the disease anyway, so I fought it and fought it and now I’m like this. Well, at least i can say — the Kennedy campaign was not where the West was lost, but where I found God! I’ve said that before. “My country, may she always be right, but my country, right or wrong!” – Decatur. I love USA so much I’ve gone Chinese again to sort out these misunderstandings, and if there’s friendly fire again, I’ll take that ending, after all my ending I wrote in the storybook was simply “I am sad my mind is weak but in another life I would have been something as I did it all for you.”

I hope this has provoked your thoughts and we can collaborate on building universes together as writers in real time, faster than the speed of sound, and the pace of nostalgia. Credit for that line to Smashing Pumpkins and a British guy who went to Harvard and now is a professor in London.


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