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Hi Lucas Orchard readers,

I will be improving the writing standards of existing posts. This process may take some time and there may be a few new posts in the meantime, but the goal will be to make this website into a stocks analysis site as we’ve done the groundwork.




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Predicting the Future and Overfitting
When we see a bunch of data points, we usually draw a straight line through them in the Ordinary Least Squares method and come to a prediction. We don’t overfit by drawing a polynomial spline through each of the points and then predict. That is because the Ordinary Least Squares approach is statistically motivated. Similarly, when we tell stories to inform each other of information that may predict the future,...
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Psychology: Role Playing and Pitfalls
The type of role playing game that comes to mind is way back in elementary school when people use fantastical imaginations to construct worlds and ask you to play as if you were in that world. Not everyone participates in these games but some people do. The downside of thinking this way is sooner or later you live in your own world playing a role playing game for yourself and...
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