Soft Skills, and Differential Ethnicity

Ethnicity is a big component of soft skills and you can think of ethnicity as respect, it is earned, it doesn’t come from stories which are just guesses at the end of the day in comparison to the process of earning respect.

I became American first and only recently became Chinese. Given that my ethnicity was always Chinese, it was borrowed before I earned it. I used to be nothing except my ethnicity so I was Chinese-American, and then I became an American so I could refer to myself as just American if I wanted to but I remained Chinese-American, and then I earned the ethnicity of Chinese so I could refer to myself as just Chinese and then course I would be an American Chinese, which is perfect.

Being Chinese, I could try to expand to continental Europe side based on the pianist category, and that could be what I’m doing next. If I master the Continental Europe, I will be an American Chinese who can understand Continental Europe. But that’s wrong. That’s where soft skills come in.

Soft skills though are really based on knowing what isn’t shown as the song by Goo Goo Dolls goes. As an American I am a Republican. Tried to become bipartisan but some of the Democrats are impossible. What’s important is as Chinese, I am not in line with the mainland Chinese entirely. I get an onslaught of questions like: is China a fascist country given it appears a tyranny? No. Just sample the average Chinese. In a way, you can say I need to secede from China to really fulfill my potential as American Chinese. But that is impossible with China the way it is.

You can think as Chinese-American I would have supported USA, as American I support USA Republicans, and as American Chinese I support the USA president as well on the topic of properly handling the relationship between USA and China. But this isn’t how it works as plenty of people for example have understood finally that one can be rational on China without being disloyal to the United States.

As a result, I see the scenario unfolding as this: all Chinese worldwide support China even if they aren’t from there like I’m not from China. I’m from the USA. Thus we should be aware that it is like we finally won a replay of World War One in politics, and now we are going into economic rollercoaster potentially unless we sort out mania and depression. We did it, we can do it again. Nixon goes to China over. And World War One was resolved in the mean-time as it was all about racism as a result of weak social science in ethnicity. Next we will tackle China takes on Japan issues, as American Chinese would volunteer for China in such a situation, not to fight Japan, but to deal with those issues, just like I would think American Jews would volunteer for Israel in an existential crisis. Actually, no let’s just admit instead that China and Japan are separate nations, and any intransigence in Chinese American relations is not helped by the China threat but also because Chinese in China are qualitatively different from me, and it’s I am open about that being the case. I am Chinese-American and I am Chinese in that I am recognized Chinese of the civilization, but I am not Chinese as defined by China, I am American Born Chinese defined by them which just means I can be anything I want to be and I’ve chosen to Westernize.

See the related articles on philosophy of history and philosophy of assimilation and immigrant identity for more details.


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