Socialism as Culture

A family is a microcosm for realities that one has to deal with between societies. For example a typical phenomenon one deals with is when society sides with the child against his parents. For example your parents may be labeled against the prevailing culture of the democracy you are in. Other people’s parents may be compared to them in a better light showing that other people have barbecues and try to adjust to the culture of democracy while your family seems to have trouble living in a democracy which some say is a difficult thing. This may incite a reaction of rebellion against one’s own parents and the retreat of the child into society. A society composed this way does not value family as the basic building bloc of society. It instead values relations between peers as the glue between people and intrinsically the rule of law that governs relations between peers. But such a society cannot hope to survive in my view because laws are not meant to be used to regulate behavior as rules but are more to be used as building blocks for a republic for example that makes laws to form government for laws and not for men. A republic is composed of laws. A society that focuses on relations between peers would have to pass on everything from generation to generation almost like it is starting over. In practice, I went through experiences like this in Canada particularly in metropolises when I went to school where I felt a pressure to conform to society’s expectations and not my family’s. This can be normal but in retrospect much of it was not normal.

This is because identity is bestowed by your father and mother and not by society or civilization. Just think about the Greek classics: I am Aeneas, son of Aphrodite. For society to challenge your identity based on the status of your parents would be challenge your identity itself. For society to ask your parents to assimilate is for society to ask you to assimilate. The only way to earn an identity separate from your father and mother is to create works in society that are recognized by society. But even then you are bringing glory to your whole family as you are saying you are Aeneas, son of Aphrodite, from the family of lionheart. I talked today with a family member about what makes an American: essentially it is an English person or British person who lacks the accent. We would use the American accent instead. We would bring glory to the whole English-speaking commonwealth family when we make achievements as Americans, and create identities for ourselves while creating room for the English-speaking commonwealth to prosper. For identities that come from places other than your family belong to you but you belong to your family then, and identities that come from your family belong to you. It is very reasonable that we align with society against the ills of our parents but if we do that it is socialism because you are saying your identity comes from society not your father and mother, and even if you have identities from society, as long as you have one identity from your father and mother that you care about you aren’t socialist.

I care about the one that makes me Achilles as my mother is a great woman who told me I would never make it home if I took on socialism, and that she knew the capitalists would come for me to join them ever since I was born, but I recognize now that my parents have been with me every step of the way and if I haven’t seen them, it is because I didn’t know where to look and that is because they didn’t tell me. What a journey not what a waste. And forgive yourself when others have forgiven you lest you wait forever for society to give you what your parents should instead and if they can’t what you should ask instead is what to give to them. I think socialism is the divorce between child and parents on basis of society where child thinks he is siding with society in the name of patriotism or a girlfriend or if a girl a boyfriend, but really, nature’s bonds if severed will burn with the fires of vengeance on all sides. We may even believe instead in Catholicism that it is not possible in reality to divorce after you marry and thus your child cannot divorce the parents either for society and that love once lost can always be recovered. As they say, the rules may be made by old men in dresses but a lot of thought has gone into those rules.

As for me, I think capitalism is incompatible with socialism because capitalism requires the dynamism of a family to function, and socialism destroys families into ghosts of themselves: into communities as the basis of society instead of families. You don’t have to talk to me neighbor in public as long as your family is doing well I hope the best for you and we will see each other on the playing field in capitalism. Now Catholicism may be outdated and incompatible with freethinking and then in that case what we would do is say as long as a man or a woman is secure in his identity from his parents, he doesn’t need to believe marriage is permanent as by the time we look to find out what is permanent we are all dead by love. What about kids rebelling then? As long as the kids are secure with their identity with their parents, they will know whether they are lying to themselves or not, just to justify what they did which let’s say, was betray their girlfriend for a society which isn’t even theirs, and should the kid resort to violence, as urban schools can be very push and shove, then the kid will soon know that crime is its own punishment because there is no one left to forgive the kid, someone who eliminated the last of who could forgive him: he had taken his own life when he chose society over his parents, as society is just his life, his parents reflect where he came from, and if you choose your life over where you came from it is like suicide, as who doesn’t want to die how they want in sometimes creepy ceremonial ways, instead we die for where we came from. In short, Achilles we fight for you not for the orders. “Don’t waste your life following some fool’s orders” is what he said. ┬áMen of the revolutionary towns can walk their women home tonight, everything is normal, no one defected to us (except maybe North Korea!!! ), we just became an Asian city in America because all that it means to be Asian I realized is you sacrifice yourself to reincarnate and then people look for your reincarnation just like they did for Christ. Maybe mine is in Greece or on Japan. Stories are fun but discoveries last for years and what I discovered from all this was you have a friend in me, Boston, even if my heart is far away in an identity my parents gave me long ago which left and created more identities, as I wouldn’t be here ultimately unless I liked it, I wouldn’t be trying to make money in capitalism unless it was a privilege, my rights are all at home in my family, and family first, Boston flourish, and down with the socialism which may be inevitable but if it comes, may it be America’s socialism, her socialism, not her poverty, not her sexism, God willing.


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