Pure Mathematics and Literature

Pure mathematics starts as a great model for the mind. There is the concept of axiom of choice, which is dependent on the future, and being able to select subsets out of sets extending into the future. There is the axiom of determinism which states that one can win a game with start parameters if you use the best moves. These two axioms are incompatible.

Taken together, these axioms guide us towards a theory of literature. Literature can be built on the game. If it is, built on one play of a game, then we are using axiom of determinism. If we are instead using axiom of choice, literature is instead built on real life. Under choice, we the people generate literature with our real life choices which are recorded. Under determinism, people are drawn towards choices based on the results in literature that accurately model human behavior. This is really only possible under game conditions as previously stated. In religious terms, choice seems to suggest that we generate conceptions of deities with our choices, while determinism suggests these deities guide us into their image. Both may well be true but they cannot seem to be true at the same time. This illustrates the fundamental paradox of literature: literature is imaginative yet it must be based on real events or people would not be interested in the literature as a source of predictive power. How is literature generated? Either by playing games and recording iterations of playing games, or by choice, which is to say by politics, as politics contain the sphere of our choices, when these choices are not on ethics or law, and in those cases, stories are generated automatically, and always by determinism, as those choices are set games, usually where one side will surely win: the adversarial system in courts is set up to make a game where the truth is strongly favored to come out, and it is the same in systems of ethics.

There also is the conception of mathematical spaces. There is a real space which we typically say is real world. Some people say there is no such thing as a real world, but that is just saying there is no such thing as a real space that does not contain something that can be described, or a story. The reasons for this is not very clear: it is similar to the debate over whether empty space contains ether, which was resolved by Einstein to say that empty space is just empty and light travels through it. Perhaps in real space, light can also travel through it, and the light itself lights up the story. There is no such thing as an imaginative space. There are imaginary numbers, so one could say there are imaginary ideas, just as there are complex ones which are a combination of real and imaginary, just as there are irrational numbers or irrational ideas, take love for example, but there isn’t a real space of events that take place with a lot of coordinate sets that tell you what’s going on. Inevitably if you dream up things, your dreams will end and you will fall out of your imagination. There are complex spaces and many of them as imagination creates reality as Wagner said, and thus you are able to anticipate where reality is going and create a space out of the combination of imagination and current reality. Stick with me though, there are real manifolds which resemble financial engineering — these real manifolds describe events at higher dimensions such as Wall Street which can’t possibly occur on Main Street. Someone who moves from Wall Street to Main Street will seem like he confuses imagination with reality but truly he doesn’t. He just is conceiving of the impossible now that he is on Main Street. There are finally real vector spaces which are coordinate-free real spaces, and you can think of that as the real world except among friends, who are the vectors, and so we don’t have to measure things all the time and make everything cold by comparing salaries and other competitive attributes like size of home and so forth. Real vector spaces are a field of importance and not easy to summarize.

Now that we have this model of the mind, we can accurately allocate our resources. It seems like it is best to write literature with choice and not determinism, so we don’t just leave the reader with games, but with real life experiences that can add not just to their information set but also to their meaningful fulfillment. So it’s best to enter politics. At present, I am an Eisenhower Republican, as I am a believer in conventionality as a solution to many of society’s ills like in the 1950s. I’m not saying that is the only solution, only that squares are in vogue now as they can solve a lot of the problems such as lie in mental health. I am also by virtue of my Canadian heritage, just a Canadian, and I’ll see whether Toronto Trudeau eases up on his French, and then I’ll decide whether to help him as a Canadian-American against “bully Trump.” Some say Trump’s arrogance is distracting. I have no complaints haha. I do find some beautiful women have their beauty distracting, but I have no complaints there either that they decide to run in the sun instead of hide away, looking through the window, so they chose freedom like the song “Don’t Cry for me Argentina.”

However, my ethnic roots pull me in another direction. There, Asian people, or Asian Americans rather, are mostly vehemently opposed to Trump, and I know I said we wouldn’t do geopolitics anymore, but then I’ve just discovered that politics generate stories, so we can do a little, and the issue of course is in China there was the far-left, so who’s complaining about what now? I am frankly uninterested in Japan’s solutions to these problems of racial inequality, and I just end here by saying: Sun Tzu and Lu Bu the great Chinese dynasty warriors, really originate from the nineteenth century reactionary Japanese way of thought, that an Asian person cannot possibly assimilate to other nations, so they can just make the mild step from China to Japan. But I was not even Chinese when I was first presented with that case, and neither did I identify with anything other than just American until recently when I started identifying as Chinese-American. So finally, the answer to the Trump riddle, is “<<What is a Chinese-American? What is a Chinese-American? >> Something about young men fighting the police and getting their futures destroyed. <<And when it’s my turn, would you want me to join the CIA?>> For democracy, any man would give his only son.” – Metallica.

Sure, I used to think the worst thing that could happen to a man would be he gets destroyed in a romance for his true love and lives his life in regret and emptiness, floating in the water to make himself feel better like the angel in City of Angels film. But now I know the worst thing that could happen to someone is physical not emotional. And as for mental — mental is physical, that’s why these drugs have effects on the body. Mental is generally not emotional. And what I mean by that controversial statement is if someone calls you mental, they mean you have issues, not that you are just angry or sad. You cannot hide from these issues. You will be followed by these issues. You cannot confront and destroy these issues as they are stronger than you. So you run and fight, and when they retreat you advance, when they advance you retreat, per Mao’s military doctrine. No, it is a good thing to have loved and lost, as what you leave behind couldn’t have come with you anyway. What you leave behind is your possessions and body. What you bring with you is a soul, and if I haven’t properly proved to you that you have one, even if you think you don’t, after reading this, then I will just say simply: read until you are crazy, love until you die, doctor heal yourself then, as I fell in love before I was born, I fell into happiness after knowing, the hottest fires, the strongest steel, and one must fall. No, it’s not your imagination, or God, it is a call to duty, as duty is knowing, and we know now we are advancing greatly in the War on Mental Illness, and soon we will be advancing everywhere along the front. If it doesn’t make sense, and you came here to be helped but aren’t being helped, then I suggest to you to show your work, and show how much you care, as we care about each other, and this is America. I’m Lincoln-Reagan Republican, and I am not interested in anything less than Greatness for America, and fortitude for its people. For if you can’t serve the people of a nation, you forget that being a citizen is forever, being a civilian will be there tomorrow. Take care


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