Psychology: Role Playing and Pitfalls

The type of role playing game that comes to mind is way back in elementary school when people use fantastical imaginations to construct worlds and ask you to play as if you were in that world. Not everyone participates in these games but some people do. The downside of thinking this way is sooner or later you live in your own world playing a role playing game for yourself and sooner or later that world comes into conflict with the greater reality around you. If you wake up in the morning feeling like Napoleon, you probably are in a role playing game in your own head.

What is the absence of role playing? It is a world defined by work. There is a carpenter. And that is a computer architect. In a world defined by work coming first, it becomes very obvious that there is exploitation and sooner or later we begin to read Marx with a lot of appeal unless we are in the advantaged places and play our way up the ladder.

So role playing appears necessary. But clearly in many forms it is straight up socially inappropriate. The right wing as a whole is defined by role playing. It functions to smooth social outcomes. So for socially appropriate role playing one can keep following the right wing, or one can say: “enough,” and go to the left wing. In the left wing, role playing is mutually agreed upon and is firmly rooted on the basis of equality, which is not a core value on the right wing.

In other words, in a world without role play, it could be convincing to be either right wing or left wing depending on your economic circumstances. In a world where role play is necessary to avoid Marx, I would argue that the left wing at least has equality for you. Or if you must be right wing, as I choose to be, then be prepared to fight Marx, defend the British Empire, and stare down fascism. What is fascism? Fascism is a role play where your role is agreed upon by two other people who know you, and if you argue, you are sent to jail. We can compare militarism to outright blatant racism and swarming on the playground, and fascism to social stigmatization and the normalization of low status outcomes for the disadvantaged. Fascism doesn’t seem that bad precisely because of the normalization, but it is bad behind the scenes, for example when the little Asian girl tells you that someone else likes you in the class but is afraid to see you, or your friend gives in and says “that stupid law will ruin someone’s life someday,” and is told “captain of fate, master of his destiny” by the authorities themselves as remember fascists have a control on the law. I think it is insane that some people think a war will solve these problems. Instead, these problems will be solved by either the left-wing enforcing equality, as it should, or the right-wing overturning Marx which is incomprehensibly difficult and impossible. Because without Marx, we won’t need role play to distract people from following Marx. Given we are here anyway, on the right wing side in the United States, let us do what we must do and overturn Hitler to gather the strength to face up to Marx. To do this, it is simple: simply be left wing. As the right wing is not answering much right now. Aside from constantly turning away our allies. Beware Greeks bearing gifts, and Republicans bearing titles.


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