Postmodernism: Distrust of Metanarratives in Trading

Postmodernism presents the most severe challenge to the western intellectual tradition when it comes to analyzing the present and past to try to position oneself for the future. Postmodernism is defined as the distrust of any grand meta narrative and it arose from suspicion of ideology after the great wars and catastrophes of conflict in the twentieth century. The senior Catholics defined modernism as any non literal belief in the Bible. So post modernism is what arises presumably with a distrust of literature as a source of guidance towards human behavior and a belief that there is no grand reality or especially a story that contains everyone but there is one reality that contains each person striving for their own goals, coming together to entertain themselves with one another and work, and separating again to have children and raise families. Postmodernism is in particular in conflict with people who like to find cause and effect as postmodernism evades all cause and effect and asks us to focus only on the tasks in front of us. There can still be play, but much of postmodernist art is quite ghastly and ghoulish in reflection of what the twentieth century went through what humanity went through in the twentieth century and the art notably had no connection to the past or the present and is not beautiful in of itself, it is merely meaningful in of itself. This concept of man’s search for meaning was developed in a book by Frankl about the Holocaust when he basically argued that it was the people who found the most meaning who survived not the most beautiful or the most capable. Yet there is something hollow about making art only for meaning and not for beauty. In particular let us use religion as a lens now, I know that is not always allowed, but given we have examined the secular issues first I think we may use religion now. If modernism is a non literal belief in the Bible what is lost is the ability to process what happened in the Bible and particularly the significance of Jesus’s sacrifice. If postmodernism is a non belief in the Bible, what is lost is the ability to process the meaning of the Bible which is we are not to sin as each sin has consequence even as we are forgiven. What does it mean that sin has consequence? It means sin changes us, hardens our hearts, and makes us perceive and live in a different world than before we sinned. It’s not that we go looking for something bad with sinful thoughts and then we will find it so we deserve our punishments: it’s that if we don’t sin we will never need to go looking for something bad. The art of postmodernism is shallow because it is sinful, it does not add to the world so much as encourage us to take from the world and in taking from the world we begin to fight and compete against each other for the last dollar which doesn’t exist as we all know in the USA if we paid back all debts no money would exist. This is a quirk but it happens to be a useful explanatory tool here: society owes you nothing and if you live in art you must remember if that art is changing you or if you have become that art. If that art is changing you to be a better artist that is excellent, but if you have unwittingly become the art subject of the postmodernist artist you’ve stumbled on something hideous. Similarly, if I use meta narratives anyway and I don’t sin to abuse my narratives such as by telling lies of my own character, I am becoming a better storyteller and that is fine, but if I pretend like there is no narrative around me I unwittingly fall into becoming a character in someone else’s story, perhaps the character Ethan Frome who though a man with a broken back is still the most striking in his town in New England, but that is a good character. If I had done no work on the literary front and just given up in the face of the cacophony of post modernism and the guilt tripping of the court of public opinion, I would have ended up Nicolas Cage as I would probably have to fight some stupid liberal guy to defend a bar girl, and he would stupidly die like in the film metaphorically of course, and get me in trouble, Christ I hate left wingers. But if you are a left winger do not fear, all you have to do is submit to Christ and I will dunk your Canadian bacon in holy water until the corrosive grease comes off. If you aren’t Christian best wishes to you, namaste, this is an internal problem going on we are fixing and I’m kicking in the rotten foundations so the door will remain standing as I just can’t take this anymore can’t everyone see that neo pagans are post modernists!!! The Catholics said Nazis were neo pagans. We are disbanding the fascism concept as Caesar is on the line and he thinks there are better ways to fight all this degenerate and communism stuff without polluting the waters of Brazil!!!! Stop pouting!!!!! And for the record I like racist Canadians better than Nazis. Racist Canadians taught me how to insult people and piss people off and taught me at a young age I was Chinese when I’m not.


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