Philosophy of Assimilation and Immigrant Identity

The typical person who encounters the west will assimilate from scratch to Greek and then possibly German to trace out the development of centers of culture that are uniquely European. This route however can lead to suffering as it is mirrored by the right wing in many countries of the West, and that right wing in practice does not always allow people to assimilate how they want. Nonetheless the only reliable route to go is to do this route well.

If you assimilate like you are from a different country such as China instead of a void, it doesn’t work. China would assimilate naturally towards Germany too but that combination would look Chinese German like a hybrid and not simply Western.

So I have assimilated along this pathway. Now what? The answer lies in what I am and that is American which allows me to assimilate along the pathway I choose. America also has its unique challenges such as the civil war which we are past. Now it is a matter of hypomania like the stock market crashes and rises in the late nineteenth century. Can we solve some economic riddles and settle our thoughts down so we know what’s real and what isn’t? That is a question for me but also society at large: I influence society and society influences me, in a way that appears real to me.

On another level, I am Canadian a new nation who learned from French and now British, but that Canadian aspect of myself is not assimilated to the West. Instead it is the colonial model like Canada is based on where I just am myself and I don’t have to learn anything new. They say colonialism doesn’t work but Canada is a good example of it working: I would be like from Shanghai in that case. The way the two different wavelengths work is I am American by myself and I am Canadian by pattern. I am deductively American and inductively Canadian. Deductive logic is airtight and so I am definitively American. But I am also authentically Canadian in a sense as Canada is a nation defined by its people and not vice versa. Given I am both Canadian and American fully I don’t mind in my immigrant identity being called Canadian American.

Finally on a third level, I am Chinese not because of my ethnicity but because the Canadian complex recognizes me as Chinese even while the Chinese only partially recognizes me as a semi legitimate Chinese, usually known as an American Born Chinese. And so for Canada, I am Chinese.

Thus I am a Westernized Chinese because of the German Greek tradition. And I am an Americanized Chinese because I understand USA history through civil war. But I’ve only been able to Westernize by living in America. In Canada, I would always have remained just Canadian and lived a double life as Shanghai where a good group of my ancestors are from. The USA encourages assimilation. Canada has political obstacles to assimilation but grants you more: you are accepted without assimilation.

One heart one mind one life. The gods are jealous of the mortals because we are mortal, claimed Achilles. He meant the gods are jealous of mortals because we fall in love just once and every other time was a lead up to it, and every time after we will always look back, as a love is like a life, not how long but how good as JK Rowling said about books.


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