Perceptions and Judgment

The nature of perception is to understand the world based on one’s vantage point. The nature of judgment is to reason about the world based on one’s vantage point. Frequently our perceptions shift in ways that are unexpected and we appear like we have fallen off the script. Some people may even do that to us deliberately by challenging us that we are speaking from a script in the first place. That is because one should not act on a perception but should act on judgment as long as judgment is not impaired. Judgment for example calls upon us to use scripts to speak and relate to other people. Judgment asks us to avoid using what would be the alternative to these scripts which would be the laws of the jungle. Judgment also asks us to recognize what it means to have impaired judgment. We don’t have impaired judgment when we do wildly absurd things though that can be a symptom of impaired judgment. We have impaired judgment when we perceive our friends to be enemies. In short when we perceive we are anything but American if we are American in the United States, we are in impaired judgment. And that usually results from thinking that identity is something intrinsic to a person when it is bestowed upon a person as a mark of honor by a state. In short, if you have forgotten your own story, you will not know how to live. My story is the United States story with the allies Japan, Israel, and Taiwan. My dalliances with Europe as all things come to an end. Because I was accepted in Europe as an individual, and not as a member of my group. But we ask ourselves, which of your friends were actually European? Well some of them had ancestors in Europe. But it would be misleading to think of a Eurocentric worldview where each ethnic group dominates. I want to be a thinker. But not if it leads here. The American model doesn’t work and in my judgment I use the Canadian model. The first school was UK, the second Irish. We just heard today the UK school did well in that it sold six books without even any advertising. The Irish school though is struggling because it needed the support from the UK school and support is lacking as there was the expectation of a whole lot more books sold. That is okay because the Irish school is mostly about working not making money. And there’s plenty of work still. The next school is the French Canadian or rather just Canadian school. Why did the Canadian model work while the American one fell apart? Because American Disney movies don’t take into one thing: sometimes time elapses and you meet people out of order. In short you aren’t always the center of attention. It would be borderline to assume everything around you must follow a script. Instead of being random which is beautiful because randomness isn’t a force, it is Force per second which is power or like a Jedi force push. The American side now stabilized, we can understand that the American side spent what would have been the proceeds on what would have been the book sales driven by Americans on buying Japan and now I have a family. In short perception should never lead to fear or bewilderment only judgment should lead to emotions of such. Some people are naturally perceptive instead of judgmental. Maybe they think they are in a script. But I can tell you they aren’t, as the perception of a script is not reality. It is railroaded thought to think script follows script. Fiction in short is defined by that it never happened and is not true so even if it were to happen it is not true it must have been staged. For alternative to fiction we use the Canadian school system. And then we can add fiction. But fiction with no school system under it is like a castle built on sand. In reality though a school system displaces fiction as they are two different ways of growing up. One is based in reality. One is based in imagination. Growing up in reality is coming of age. Growing up in imagination is mental breakdown and it only gets worse and worse. Come back to reality and drop the fiction.


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