Multivariable Calculus: Partial Derivative

The essence of multivariable calculus is the analysis that results from changing one variable at a time to a function that depends on more than one variable. For example take f(x,y) and the function depends on x as well as y. The partial derivative of the function with respect to x is how the function changes with a small move in x if y is held constant and this derivative depends on the value of y. In real life terms, f(x,y) could be your income which depends on your intellect x and labor y. Wherever the marginal partial derivative is highest, we increase the respective intellect applied or labor applied to get an additionally higher income. Mozart said the root of genius however was not the intellect or labor but love, love and love. What did he mean? He meant his income function had an additional component which was love and the more love he was able to put in his work the more his income rose which was proof of his genius. We know however that Mozart went through some ups and downs in his career in terms of finances and we conclude that is because sometimes adding more love decreases the amount of income you have depending on whether you have enough spare intellect and labor to handle this additional love. In the same way with stories, we can say truth is a function of x, y, and z stories and working on any of these stories will usually improve your grasp on the truth but sometimes the return on a story is negative depending on whether other stories have spare capacity to address needs of the new story. For example if you have only a few characters in your life, adding too many stories may confuse the characters. The question ultimately is if you want to improve your grasp of the truth you need to work on what reliably gets you towards the truth, and that is intellect, labor and love but we must remember even when locally the returns are negative on loving more, for example, the returns globally are strictly increasing in intellect, labor and love for the sole reason that any of these by themselves is sufficient to generate income for you by making more of it. Mozart seems in the end to have given up on love as he made the courtiers jealous of his work. If he loved, Amadeus Mozart perhaps would have continued to live his up and down lifestyle in terms of wealth until he achieved what he was trying for which is a body of work great enough that income would not be a problem. In short, Mozart appears to have sold out perhaps because of his income difficulties and started to use his intellect and labor to generate income instead of love. In doing so, he forgot one other thing which is paper is cheap but brain cells are expensive so as he turned from cheap fuel of love notes to expensive thinking, he ran up his costs. Finally, he speaks of genius. If all the intellect and labor don’t lead to genius there will never be the revolution sought after. So lacking that revolution, Mozart met his demise. In short, if there are a surplus of stories, you want to journal but if you can’t write down your ideas as fast as you are producing them, then there may be a problem with the mind. Specifically, stories at all may be a poor place to look for truth but the root of truth may lie in love. All it takes for someone to shake you out of a story is to make you do something out of your own free will. As exercising the free will changes the story. For example I may have been offered the opportunity like Mozart to do art for kings and if I agreed of my own free will all my stories would fall apart. Because what I really did of course would have been to turn around to look at Orpheus’s wife as she came back from the underworld on the basis of my stories and if I agreed of my own free will to make my stories just stories and not my testimonials, she would fall back into the underworld. Orpheus’s wife is a lot like Taiwan, beautiful island off of China which is a lot like Canada, big country, and let’s say Orpheus is Japan, then reclaiming Taiwan would allow the Nationalist Chinese movement to be sponsored within China with Taiwan as a base but this movement may turn on the Japanese in the longrun. In fact it already has. Having countries play each other’s roles is as silly as trying to change one’s own race. Two movements exist with China, the Nationalist and the Communist, and both movements are hostile to Japan. No one believes I am anything but a Nationalist so I will do my end of the struggle in my ethnicity so that other people on similar roles or analogies can do theirs. If China lost the fight against Japan and thus opened up a conquest route into say Ireland by Japan-like phenomenon then it is China’s fault. The sins of my fathers so to speak. But we know Japan is a US ally, so we will say if Japan lost the fight against China and thus opened a conquest route into say Ireland by China-like phenomenon, then it would be the fault of Japan. Japan won though and holds the equivalent of Taiwan or a beautiful island like Ireland after defeating Canada in the cultural sphere but not yet the political sphere. Canada has developed a new Nationalist government as a result. Simultaneously in the USA, we see Irish playing the reverse role where they are playing as China to resist imperialism. Functions can be complex. Do you think intellect or labor would work here without love? Only love can tell us how to merge these two scenarios: real Japan took control of real Ireland let’s say and in Canada a nationalist government has formed. That is real world. But it is really almost like connecting some dots as Ireland is nowhere near Taiwan and Canada none of us knew controlled Ireland. And then in USA, the Irish are starting to fight as nationalists against imperialism, this is metaphor world. In this world Japan is helping the Irish. We just managed to get help in: the Japanese watched a whole lot of Disney movies and now are working on a draft of a book based on that while the previous book were based on the Old Testament. To combine the two worlds, just recognize the first is career world and the second family world. In career world, you may be Japan because people read your book that way. In family world, you may be Japan because your family is seen as Japan. So changing your race I would view as impossible. But if I were to start to try, I would begin with love, love and love. I know I am Chinese ancestry but circumstances dominate philosophy and I am of the human race. There also is the elven race but that seems like an interpretation since no one has proved the existence of an elf. In the end, the Talmud is an interpretation of the Torah and likewise, family life is an interpretation of career life. Though family life feels real, and that is because interpretations are very real. It is just there are many interpretations but one source document. There are many families but only one career world. It’s all real. Just men who fight for families like me fight for interpretations and men like Achilles who fight for glory fight for his career. You must have source before interpretation and glory before family. It is a pity he saved his pity for the weak as he would have been a good friend if only I could believe some of this was not real. But as Mozart said, where intellect and labor fail love will succeed. So if your love is failing, you want to work on it the only way you can by working on intellect and labor to support your love. The long-haired girl will still be there at the 5 o’clock world: maybe she just will wonder where you’ve been. I was in China. Japan intervened in the Opium War on the side of real China and warded off that war briefly. And Japan will intervene again. Japan is where my soul retreated after my heart forgot how much love she gave me even though she gave me so much my soul could not forget, as I had fallen in love before I was born. She gave me a ribbon that elephants used to play with at the Wicker Park movie set, before the Americans allowed the Japanese to fight alongside Nationalists as well as Communists: Clinton Campaign as well as Obama Campaign. They say if you save one life it’s like you’ve saved the world in the Talmud. Thank you Miss Ireland. This was seriously on multivariable calculus count how many variables I put into the qualitative stories I wrote here and how it would be impossible to understand coherently without Mozart’s advice and a basic understanding of what multivariable calculus is: faith that variables will work out even when in the short term they drag you down. And the last out of Pandora’s box was hope. I am acting in capacity of Japanese as you can choose just one and so the Americans approved the vacation request for me as an American but the condition is I am on call anytime as I have to vacation in America so the Japanese guy who pretends to be me can be friends with his Chinese French Canadian girl who was my ex. To him and his future wife. Old friends.


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