Math: What It Really Is

Source: Euler, Master of Us All. William Dunham.

Number Theory shows perfect numbers arise from Mersenne primes and that all perfect numbers essentially come from Mersenne primes as we haven’t yet found any odd perfect numbers.

Logarithms are mostly used in approximations and are used in tandem with infinite series to perform manipulations. Expressions are replaced with infinite series. Sometimes you find unlikely results like relating an expression to another expression containing pi.

Analytic number theory involves the analysis of continual and differentiable elements, and the application to whole numbers. It is like analyzing thoughts which are a continual stream and applying to the reality in front of us.

Math at is root is photography. It photographs the world. And until they say the camera can be brought into the Heavens and the Hell, there will always be room for the painter. There will always be room for the writer.

Number Theory: Omega watchmaker commercial.

Logarithms: Coca Cola breakup commercial. 

Infinite Series: Tiffany’s Winter commercial. 

Analytic Number Theory: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us. Owl City. 

At the base, sin is selfishness. The courage to live out of your head in the same world everyone else is living in is the start of Christianity. Sometimes that means accepting your models are accurate and you are only upset because it wasn’t you who saved her, but your emails as a trader. But in a secular sense, we would say, analytic number theory differentiates thoughts from reality which is not easy to describe without referencing religion. For me, I know my thoughts can go anywhere but I know in real life, a lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. He leads me by green pastures and soft waters.



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