Game Theories

Having established that when we encounter stories, we should assume away paradoxes, as stories do not give us observations that can generate paradoxes, we now examine the game.

For example in one such game, civilization, you research advances and try to elevate your civilization. We can imagine that someone plays as the Greek civilization. But does this mean you are Greek or just playing as Greek? The key here is defensibility as which a legal mechanism. If you just play as Greek you are not defensibly Greek.

I am defensibly Chinese, because I know so much about the Chinese civilization not because of my race. If I were just racially defined to be Chinese, people may say: “you are not even Chinese, you come from an island. You are American. You look Chinese.” I’m actually believe it or not, not defensibly American, as people will say I’m an “American-born Chinese” and not an American by right of blood but only of soil. If I use legal arguments they sound hollow as people won’t believe that I’m anything but a stereotypical “American-born Chinese” who rejects the paths of his elders. But I’m also believe it or not, defensibly a scholar on Germany, because of I am steeped in classical music which was a big deal in Germany, and because as they say “I’ve lived it” in the sense that beating acute mental illness was like understanding Wagner’s ether and getting lucidity back, and overcoming acute psychosis was like falling in love and learning to love again after every corner of my soul had been burnt out by a previous failed life. So beating acute psychosis was like Beethoven rebuilding and reshaping the human soul.

In the USA right now, there’s sufficient “real Germans” who are Trump supporters, and they dictate what is real and what is false as they outnumber me in a democracy. In that case, politically I am more oriented towards UK. But I’m not defensibly British as I lack the accent. So am I Chinese living in New England or a Chinese American living in New England or am I Chinese German living in New England? In times like these, they stole my labels, I’m stealing theirs: I’m a Chinese German living in New England. Now this is when people swear at me and say what the heck are you doing….I don’t care. A Chinese German to me means not a Eurasian but a Chinese scholar of Germany, and that means to me in the UK, I am capable of producing Chinese works which help out, but also I’m capable of interfacing with the British in their own European system as a friendly: “Von Liu” if you will. So really you can see by what I just indicated that I’m still just Chinese, except I’ve built the “Yuan Ming Yuan” which are the Gardens of Perfect Brightness, and that copies all the wonders in the West, and I’ve copied the wonders of Germany particularly about 4.5 symphonies of Beethoven. The imperialists came and burnt these gardens, but that’s all over with.


Why did I explain all this? Because games get us past social situations that are otherwise untenable. In the game civilization, the next advance for me would be Swiss banking or feudalism and pikemen. Are there other games? In politics, there is another game, where Boston area Republicans, and I’ve said I’m a Lincoln-Reagan Republican, are somewhat dissatisfied with our president, and ready to take him on in an election in Boston. We can think of them even as UK conservatives and Boston as New England. That game is ultimately oriented towards the stock market though, and we are ultimately facing the enemies of the USA, not each other and not Trump. In fact in all these cases we are all still Americans.


Because America is not an idea — it is a birthright USA. The Israelis were right — it is all about birthright, without which we would fall into intellectual tangles as everything is just a game and you are just playing a role within a game, unless you have rights. In China, for example you have very few human rights, everything is a privilege.

Games are where we harvest surreal numbers, as not all games but some games are based on surreal numbers. It makes sense as games are a form of addition to reality or a surreality.

There also is a game where there are elves and it’s medieval Europe. Such a game is based on career as the career world is still in medieval times, where everywhere else we’ve progressed. The laws are the same in the career world and the personal world though, and that is why the law is so important: it prevents problems in the career world from spilling over into your personal world.


All right — who wants to play a game of Central Powers and Entente….. I will be Germany since I said so (I sometimes also say I’m as Kennedy Democrat and it is true much of the Kennedy platform would be Republican today, but it’s just that I’m more content to be Democrat and also know how to use Republican strategies at the same time — I still know of nobody who is truly bipartisan or I would be), Lucas Orchard will be Germany, Arnold Schwarzenegger should be Austria with California “Mein Land” by Rammstein, George Soros should be Hungary “so smart so sharp,” and Erdogan the moderate reformer who has a heart in Islamic religion this is his chance to show the world Islam’s other kinder face. We will take on the politics in France, UK, Italy, and Russia, and show the world that what I describe in Lucas Orchard is truth — what they print in their media is not fake news, but it’s just social truth. Only hyenas dwell in social truth. Don’t worry, we will not go crazy — unless we are all beaten and a new set of crazies from the Trump campaign take over our flags, but they will never take our pride

*I am Canadian not German. The concept of defensible is not as important as integrity. I’m integral Canadian. But this article was meant to illustrate how in being traditional Canadian, which is very European, I encountered the problems of Germany and felt like I was German.


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