Discrete Mathematics: Counting

The principle of discrete mathematics is counting, which can be viewed as bijections, injections and surjections. These terms are not important, what is important is that we recognize counting as what it is which is a means to reach infinite. Likewise, counting days and weeks on a calendar is a way to reach the future. He who dwells outside a calendar has no future in that way. The various tricks in discrete mathematics such as the pigeonhole principle tell us ways to count and imply things from the counting. If a story isn’t a good means of finding truth, then counting must be right? But it is often when stories change that counting stays the same: how much money you have in the bank remains the same no matter how much stories change. This is however an illusion as it’s not so much that your bank account is part of the story but that the story is part of your bank account. As money is not best thought of as a favor owed but as a gold coin. That it is fiat in the United States doesn’t mean our money is based on debt or illusionary pyramid schemes. It is still an item defined to have independent value. Money in your bank account then gives your life value and your life uses this value to generate stories which are means to create value from value. If you spend all the money in your bank account, you eliminate a great deal of the stories from your life as a result. That’s what people mean like in the song by AC/DC that your last dime owns you through and through. The cleansing of stories in this fashion is Malthusian economics which is innovation by starvation. I’ve practiced it and it worked better for me than Keynesian which is spending money to try to stimulate myself into working harder. It also worked better than Austrian specialized economics which calls for saving during recessions. Austrian economics just results in stagnation as you’ve just given up. Specifically for me, by spending my money to unleash the blockage of stories around me, I spent all the money which tied me to the United Kingdom as they paid me a lot when I worked in finance because I made a lot of money trading against them. The money created British value in me which sought British stories to create more British value. That is all fine, but to really own your money, you have to be able to overcome the Hobbesian test: can you hold onto it when everyone else in the room tries to overpower you to take it from you. The British value couldn’t pass the Hobbesian test as my British stories would quickly get outcompeted. And that is the essence of a story: it has competition in other stories. Everyone has their side of the story. A story without competition is not a story it is a lie as no one else can make up something to compete with a lie. So a story is most akin to a person as the essence of a person is he has competition from other people in capitalism. This is a good thing or otherwise we people would not stories as under capitalism but lies as under a place with no competition like socialism. What is the difference between a story and a lie besides a story has competition? A story has value. My British stories remain my stories nonetheless as being outcompeted is not the worst thing, not showing up is. So if we were selecting stocks, a story is enough to be a value stock investor like Buffett but you just need to watch out for the lies and how does he do it? He reads. So do I. In the end of the Lion King, Simba reveals the difference between a storyteller and a liar: a storyteller talks about the past because it still hurts, a liar just wants to move on. If there are two competing narratives, we want the stronger one to win as in nature there is little use in fighting evolution as there is just as little use trying to make a girl like you if her family is against because in the end the girl is her family’s way to procreate and the genes are selfish. I got the memo, psychiatrists are back on top of their game in New York and am I a psychiatrist? Of course not. As that would be a lie not a story. I’m something of value and that is I’m the Lion King. Psychiatrists are lions. If you want tigers, we will discuss neurology next time. Sir Alex prefers America as the European item is a little retrogressive and I’ve missed America every day since I went Lion to head back to New York with psychiatrist friend because America is home where the heart is, Europe seems nice but is too interesting, has invested too much in interesting rather than nice. So too did the Pope. I’m telling you, if you like the Pope, go for European girls. I personally don’t. It seems like intellect is a good thing and faith is a good foundation but you need reason. Reason that tells you, you may have not known what you were doing when you were younger and that’s okay, because when you need your brothers and sisters to care I will be there. – Citizen Soldier Three Doors Down. No we don’t lock beautiful girls up away from the world but let them thrive while we are gone because that is how they grow up to become beautiful women: by trying what different men give them like a Material Girl.


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