Christianity and Religion in Social Sciences

The question is really “what is Christianity” and how does it differ from a life of generally trying to do good things and telling the truth and being a loving person while avoiding negative thoughts and dark spirits? Christianity lies in the parable of Jesus who was the one God become man who lived amongst men and women, and ended His life by confronting evil amidst men and women, and that is why we say He died for our sins as if we did not commit so many sins, there wouldn’t have been room for evil to enter to the degree that it did back in the days, and those were the sins of our fathers so it is our sin as well, regardless of whether you can trace your lineage back to the Bible, that was all mankind and the word is final.

We say that Christianity is about remembering the sacrifice of Jesus and thus continuing his mission as a healer on this planet, drawn only to confronting evil when we must as Jesus was primarily about the divine and only secondarily about making mankind a battleground between good and evil. He only did that towards the end of His life. In fact, it really is about worship about Jesus, so the religion is about worship as this worship impels us to behave differently, specifically, we organize ourselves amidst churches, and seek to find answers to the problems of mankind while adhering to the religion of Jesus. In other words, we can finally say Christianity is all about worship and in that worship we cleanse ourselves and become better Christians in the eyes of other Christians, and that dimension is a dimension of itself which is different from the worldly dimensions of being a good person generally: we call that dimension that of the soul. In worshipping a historical figure who was a remarkable man, we channel Him into our souls and that repairs us.

Now, where is the room by which we can include Christianity in modern social science? For instance, some countries like China aren’t Christian at all. We can’t: which shows us the limits of social science compared to religion. Social science is the study of interactions between man and man and man and woman. Religion is the study between mankind and God. There is so much that will never be explained by social science, but divine answers exist if we pray, not for any reason but that the religion works on its own, separate from any do gooding in the life. So we say that religion is fundamentally there because it works.

Can people stifle religion? They can’t. What they can stifle is a construct based on the Christian religion which are constructs of purity and whatnot which have already come under pressure under the Trump regime. But that isn’t the Christian religion. It is the end of an era, it is the end of a type of society based on harmonies around where we come from, but it won’t go down without a fight and that is what it is doing under Trump to the point I can no longer support what it does, but I will remember it, my fondest memories being in high school, but that will be gone and replaced with an environment where private schools dominate. Much like where I ended up working later. So in the end, there is sense, it’s just it may leave the middle class behind which was always too big on the pyramid anyway according to USA modern sociology taught to me nearly fifteen years ago in high school.

It took me a long time to understand what was at work was normal and what was in high school was abnormal, but I have understood, and as part of my religion, I will now strive to solve some of the problems for society I’ve always wished to solve. It does seem like high school life is what dominates life in the city streets of Boston for example, but that is misleading. Another way of saying it is, what was the USA high school collectively voted for Trump with some sections of the country protesting. The rest of us whose lives are not defined by high school have to move on.

Of course, the problem is some public high schools survived the transition, and many private colleges have not. Every rule meets an exception or at least a corner case. If even some public high schools are okay but colleges are struggling under the Trump regime, we ask what about corporations, where do they fall? It just depends what they are. Corporations built like families will always be your family. And how a family works is new members join you, not your existing family.

Take care all, and I just wanted to show you that if you don’t go to church, you may be unable to worship and it’s hard to call yourself a Christian then as Christian has nothing to do with worldly success but it does have a lot to do with sanity I would argue, a healthy soul will take you places.


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