Chemistry and Trading

“mankind may fear an evil man but heaven does not”- Mengcius

The principles of chemistry look at reactions between different elements which are sought to be categorized. The principle of the science is to identify, clarify and classify per the song ninety nine luftballoons by Nena. We can form theories about the molecular orbitals or about the composition of the elements in atoms and their electrons. We can define acids as proton donors and bases as proton acceptors. The ultimate purpose of chemistry seems to fixate on matter. I’m reminded of the film Star Wars when Yoda says we are made of the Force not of this crude matter. What is the Force then, some other science or perhaps religion? No from the perspective of chemistry, the Force is what gives subatomic properties colour, charm and strangeness. The Force in other words is entropy which can be an organizing force when smaller particles diffuse randomly and move bigger particles into a corner. The Force then is inherently destructive being something that will lead to the death of the universe in heat death, yet the Jedi study the Force for its organizing properties, as entropy in its motion creates order. I’m reminded of the Chinese philosopher Mengcius who wrote that while good is absolute–he implied this–evil is a relative term that is defined relative to good. He said what is evil now to one person will become good to another person later and thereby he solves the problem of evil in Western religions thousands of years ago. That is why evil exists. But he also said what makes a real man is the good is intrinsically part of him and is not a choice for it soon begins to be irrational to keep choosing to be good if people around you discourage you while appealing to your sense of reason. It is false reason to be less than a real man and as such Mengcius said mankind may fear an evil man but heaven does not. We speak of heaven as a place where real men go and real women it is implied.


So if entropy is the guiding force of the universe, even though it seems bad with causing disorder most of the time, net disorder I mean, what is it in social relations? Misunderstandings drive all that happens around us so embrace them. For every time she smiled at you, it was a spark, and if those sparks led to fires that then burned out, well, she could only have smiled at you if you had let her see what you were on the inside and she thought it was something to smile at. All I’m trying to say is misunderstandings keep drama going, kind of like in the Fifth Element Movie when the bad guy says disorder creates energy and makes people do things. We want to minimize misunderstandings, but knowing that entropy will drive us towards them, what we really want to do is change misunderstandings into happiness, or evil into good, as that is they say the nature of God Himself.


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