Career Choice and Fundamental Analysis

It is difficult in the beginning to see where you will be successful, for example in a career choice. You are happy when you succeed generally, and not necessarily because you like what the career is, as you can learn to like where you succeed at. If you don’t see to fit at your job, the reason is probably other people are not seeking to work with you, and that is because you are not succeeding, so you are not competitive in the field. You can however switch to a related business. For example if you can’t make it in private equity with all the client meetings, maybe you can switch to sales and trading at an investment bank where personality is a little less important, and you can focus on something more objective which is making money analyzing and trading. Neither should we regret collaborating with society to get ahead to work on high-paying jobs instead of pursuing a more obscure passion, not because incentives drive one to pursue a Wall Street internship, but because part of life is struggling to find yourself, and it makes sense to struggle to the unknown, to the horizon, to where people seem to rule the economy and much of what happens in the world. It is a natural instinct in the young. If you want to write for example, it makes sense to have a life well-lived first. This is my experience at least. Neither do we need to connect big topics together with philosophy to understand how to pursue a job, and what to do. As we don’t need full understanding of how a job plays in the big picture of the economy and the world, to do a job well. That is the construction of American society, and that is a blessing as therefore you don’t get lost when you work with the prevailing knowledge in an economy.

Fundamental analysis — we have covered some sectors and you can see already in general when the firms and businesses are successful, and most are in the S&P lately, the real economy grows, with the GDP as a reference point to whether companies are doing well or growing above the natural rate of capital accumulation and labor power increases. One cannot easily process the accounting details of companies, and comparable companies are few and rare, to arbitrage differences in price and earnings to make money. That is also in the realm of heavy leverage where people borrow a lot of money, risk manage, and try to make money on small moves. The real question is whether there is meaning in all this work, which can be quite dry. The meaning is your career itself as private equity and investment banking internships are meant to mint people who have a chance of being successful, are well-rounded and commercial. These people can go on to do whatever they want. So society trains people, and people don’t just go to contribute to society right after college. Society trains people to go wherever they may go and we don’t know where they will go. People thus owe society, and society doesn’t owe people. Neither can we introduce emotions and demand to be loved by an employer, as love arises naturally and usually companies are in the business of making rational business decisions after they complete their duty to bring you to maturity there. Now, if you forget that maturity for whatever reason, there is trust that underneath it your maturity remains, and you can always recover it. Your skills do not go out of date because the skills learned are how to work with people on great enterprises. Now in terms of salary, people who stay on Wall Street make enormous amounts of money, as they reside in places in society where they manage the world that everyone else lives in. If they didn’t make that much money, they probably would do it anyway, but they make that much money because money pressures itself to accumulate outside of society, to the hands of people with one foot in society and one foot out like investment bankers, who then can monitor the society with how they spend this money on conspicuous consumption or otherwise, as their efforts and preferences are more informed than ours who reside in plain society, as they are also human so they have a life not unlike the people, but the idea is the total sum of people living in business communities where they make a lot of money is more informed than the public at large, and so they are allowed to manage the economy through their jobs and also spending money as if it is their duty. If you wish to make money from securities, you may want to manage risk instead of pursuing fundamental analysis which is only useful when done enough to get a clear picture of the world and how it works.


With regards to writing standards on this site, we leave the old articles up because we want to document our great endeavor and mission here, which is to educate people on how to navigate society, whether they have circumstances to their birth or to their life, whether they enjoy business or not, whether they made it in school or didn’t, but have the common sense and reason and desire to improve themselves as I try to have myself. Illness sometimes is a factor too in where people end up, but we are not our disease, and we try to fit back into society, whether it is at a new place, or with an old team like a family, as it is good to try to have the human spirit, which involves getting up after you’ve been knocked down.


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