C++: Programming and Object Orientation

A computer programming language compared to a natural language lacks redundancy and is generally procedural while defining functions that take variables in scope and there is encapsulation which provides functions to work on the aspects of structures for example that can be worked on in that function. Data structures are conglomerates of pointers which reference locations in memory and what these locations hold, characters, integers and arrays and strings. Structures can point to one another forming a linked list or can form a queue, a stack or a heap or a tree. The important thing to all this is to think about how the human mind works compared to programming: we may perceive events going down a certain direction but we may be encapsulated so we can only perceive that series of events and therefore we should strive not to forecast based on analyses on only part of the picture by which we have access to. For example, suppose I perceive there to be a War of 1812 politically between Canada and the USA and U.K. but after I send an email or something my perception immediately changes: it’s not that I have changed the world but I have removed the encapsulation placed on me that prevents me from accessing all features of the variables at hand. The encapsulation might be something like: “alex you are Chinese because you have family in china and you care about them.” So anyway I rip into my convenient target some poor German American dwelling in Philadelphia, and I remove the encapsulation. All of a sudden it now looks like Civil war scenario. So do you share your analyses with others knowing that you may have been encapsulated so all your data was biased for a period in your life? Of course. You must act not on perception but on judgments. By telling people what you have done with your analyses it isn’t loyalty it is being a good function that returns the result to the function before it which called on you. There are also classes in C++ which inherit and there is overloading of functions with the same name. This is less important. The important thing to realize here is that to free up memory there are deconstructors so if you find yourself in twelve plots, your deconstructors are probably overwhelmed. Constructors create structures of data such as a story as a story is actually done the moment you model it and doesn’t unfold dynamically as that is the illusion of passage of time known as suspension of disbelief. In any case, I think the Civil War analysis is quite accurate. Have some crazies rallying in Charlottesville. They want to elevate themselves at the expense of other people. Well they are quite empowered as many of them have military service. So what is it that these people want besides their obvious race-based delusional grievances? The answer is simple if you know programming: they want air time. As a program code is also written all at the time of writing and the processing time is separate. The people rioting in America have written code for an operating system let’s say and now are advertising for it by going on the radio and so forth. The United Kingdom and less so Canada both sympathized or at least entertained sympathies with the American south in the civil war but Canada was the final destination of the Underground Railroad and we want none of that hatred in Canada. People who computer program don’t think that there exist such things as self-fulfilling prophecies as a function is built to do one thing which is analyze and do work not forecast the future. All forecasts are returned to the human user to process as of all known C++ that I’ve seen. So how does the human make sense of this? I was all American nationalist and now I’m British? I would say my friends are in the south and I don’t know what they’ve done but they were my friends a long time ago when I lived there briefly and when I met them later on in my career. We would say probably that the struggle is precisely between the south and the Republican Party and if you are a democrat, you probably don’t care to interfere here. In fact most democrats and I know three New York, Chicago, and Boston, are Canadian Americans for the most part. But we thought the south was the Republican Party? Apparently not. So you see beliefs can be wrong but code cannot be wrong or it is changed. Code like warrior code of a samurai. But more importantly, code like where we are in history, as there is one date, one Gregorian calendar, and if your life is all over the place with different scenarios and different people, then you lack encapsulation as you have errors in the code you are using for your mind, the code we will call Da Vinci Code which is basically an artificial intelligence for the mind which I will call sentience as there is little natural about sentience. Supposing we didn’t use machine programming type of thinking to solve this problem, we would have made it about perception and choice. But we know a computer gives results back even if it makes the boss unhappy as you are judged on your results not whether you doctored them on his orders but whether your results indicated you had any common sense. We can say supply demand balances in distillate fuels is mostly analyzed by common sense. So if your regressions are being made fun of and you protest the only discretion you had was to push a button, then you know you lacked the common sense to read your balances and come up with a good trade to change the conversation topic. In short, if you are being asked to be a computer, it is all about performance but it also is about understanding what it is you have produced and what it means as that is called sentience and ultimately we are hoping to make our systems smarter and that is why we hire bright young kids from college to do that and not to trade stocks and commodities and fixed income bonds which is what Goldman people do well, as they are built for it: they are forecasters. These young ones were just machines when they came in even if one of them rotated at Goldman as he lacked the human qualities to make sense of forecasts and lacked the sentience to program an artificial intelligence for himself to fit as a cog in a machine into the systems at a hedge fund. In other words, he lacked computer programming skills as it is a language ultimately and whether you are a good programmer is like whether you are a good writer in a foreign language except imagine in that language you are talking to Silicon based life forms which if they lose patience with you will get you fired by asking an IT guy to make your systems crash as the IT guys listen to the machines. So I hope I’ve revealed to you how human intelligence relates to a programming language and we haven’t discussed artificial intelligence really. We can say that let’s say that Boston has quite internalized the central powers mystique but then why would that be so if we are still discussing Civil War? Because my beliefs are wrong again but my work isn’t. It is the eve of World War Two, and the civil war will never happen again because we have made it very clear that discrimination based on color of skin is illegal, and people will never form a confederation on that basis again. That applies even to arguments that we should support Israel for example on shared values. It shouldn’t be for color of skin or it is un American. I happen to support Israel. But it does look like the Civil War is brewing in politics as if your immediate surroundings say something you have to remember who they are: not experts. So if someone who isn’t an expert talks a lot, just ignore all of it. Then why does Boston appear to have a central powers thing going on? Boston travelled to the future in time travel. And will travel to the future again. As in the videogame Starcraft, Protoss of New York may have their doctor powers psychiatrist zealots and neurologist dragoons, and Zerg of Chicago may have their diverse economy with complex mathematical fractals and more subjects integrated but the Terrans of Boston can time travel forwards and backwards and do it frequently jumping into social worlds that don’t seem to exist anymore and couldn’t exist yet. In this time travel, Boston has resolved things with U.K. And Canada. And the bad guys that Boston, New York and Chicago fight then can be all said to be from this future of resolution, as imperfect things are common but perfect things rare, and those bad guys are Nazis. Yet the rest of USA is in civil war, it seems, where a crooked Union or something manifesting as Union ignores the real America of these three Canadian American cities, and in the name of nationalism cracks down on the south but this isn’t my fight so I bite my tongue. I support the president still and I think the problem is race based nationalism of any race. It is the same dynamic. In the end, FBI is not national police. We have to let people do what they want to do anyway and if that’s taking political swings at each other we let them, as otherwise this will get too big for us to keep everyone safe. The diary of a computer’s mind. C++ doesn’t speak as loud as my heart. Tell you I’m sorry Chicago for signing up for another tour in Boston but this time it is just a little tour and in just a little while it is over. It is over.


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