Abbott Laboratories: Depakote

The chief reason I advocate investing in Abbott Laboratories is the drug Depakote which is a mood stabilizer and anti epileptic which I’ve taken and it while having weight gain as a side effect remarkably improved my condition such that I could focus on productive activities again. To explain what the drug treated, I will explain that someone once told me: “you can ignore it and say it is just fiction but sometimes even when it is just fiction it is very real.” Earlier in the conversation, he had advocated his religion but it was overall a tense conversation where he had to say: “at least I’m meeting with you” when I asked whether he was truly helping me or not. I said to him that I knew fiction was often based on real things and I later even said to someone else that if fiction didn’t contain elements of truth, no one would read it. At that point, I achieved a step in my evolution where I began to see the world not as a choose-your-own-adventure plot with with me as the main character but as a happening that I could understand with fiction and even predict with fiction especially if I worked hard to make my prediction or better than my prediction come true. In the book “Blue like Jazz” which is a Christian book about the religion, the author says this type of revelation that one is not the main character of one’s own life story is the start of getting what is in the way of knowing Christ out of the way. It’s funny you lose Christ but what is lost is found and we rejoice for that. Sometimes I felt that this man, who was Israeli, was irascible but I gradually grew to understand him as I realized when I beat him a game it quickly became just a game, unless I hurt his feelings about something like his ex wife and then he showed his hurt feelings and I would stop, while if he won, he would make it feel more than a game either by slamming someone else’s arm to the table in an arm wrestle and then challenging me–I turned him down–or winning the last hand of poker with an all-in. He infused life with meaning. He had his own joie de vivre. I took these lessons with me to Seattle where I interviewed with the military on an Air Force base and day traded. But suddenly I began connecting everything together and I believed my religion had failed so I emailed him asking how to get rid of this religion. He made it clear it was impossible and he was insulted I asked. He even called me telling me he was going to record phone calls if I kept contacting him. Then he said he wasn’t sending mixed signals and then said he was going out for a jog. He was sort of like the genie and after I made the wish that I wanted to be in the white world instead of the Asian world, as that to be blunt is what I wished for, he said basically: “you can’t compare our transformations of your face with internet ones as they are usually fakes. Where did we lie to you? Why are you talking to me in this way? What do you want a return okay! Did you check the receipt? No refunds.” There was a period of confusion until I realized a religion isn’t a strategy or a weapon or a worldview even, a religion is a type of mind. After you get a Christian mind from following stories, say a Christian story like Treasure Island or the Disney adaptation Treasure Planet, you can’t go back to what you had before without changing a lot, as I realized I had a Christian mind and what I had previously: the Taoist mind focused on sexual energies and nature exploration, it was no longer there. I blamed at first the Christian mind for ruining the Taoist mind but really the Taoist mind had expired on its own. Depakote took my Christian mind and stabilized it and let me build on it until I built a Christian soul and then I came off of it and went on lithium for other reasons mostly to do with activity levels and weight loss. Notably I have a Greek intellect maybe but I don’t have a Greek mind in that I don’t have the Greek religion. I may have a Greek soul but without the Christian soul to encompass it my Greek soul would wander the world alone but now it is at home in the city of the Christian mind wrapped in the Christian envelope of the soul. I have one soul but a Christian envelope and a Greek substance. Christians basically do the weirdest things and have the weirdest relationships as long as it makes some sense. Greeks are usually a little smarter. How did Depakote stabilize my mind? It stabilized the electrical bursts around my brains which are also similar to what cause seizures the mechanism, and that stabilized the mood instability of bipolar for long enough that the Christian mind can train a Greek soul or he trains himself as Hippocrates and he wanders off to Chicago to find a Christian envelope and maybe in it is also a gift card which is a friend. The envelope itself is his mate. We sound totally ridiculous when we get one little thing wrong. That’s not a test of mental illness. Neither is changes in ourselves like I prefer to dye my hair blonde but recently dyed it red to try it out. Mental illness is trouble thinking and in the young sun of Depakote, many planets of antipsychotics will form. We know that we are by thinking, as Descartes said, but we know even if we think wrong we still exist, perhaps we exist in a wrong way but then we change ourselves and eventually our thoughts follow as thoughts are the shadow in Plato’s cave. Nietzsche wrote that a man left the cave by breaking his chains but seeing all the colors and attaining higher consciousness, he came back but no one believed him because his eyes were blurry from the sun outside and then people conspire to kill him to shut him up from ruining the system inside the cave. Thankfully the solution isn’t to fight each other but to recognize if you are a little eccentric, that’s okay, so we can’t fully follow this whole conformist approach. In the end, my perception of everything before I became Christian was largely wrong. Because as C.S. Lewis said it is not just in Christianity I find the truth but it is in Christianity that I see all that is the truth by the light of Christianity. Of course the Greeks can do it too and maybe some other religions that are still better probably at math but Christianity in particular is a total art where polymaths can see Prussian blue in black falcons and that is okay because basically Christianity is the discipline of history except they believe in resurrection which a Greek would tell you is plainly impossible so their language changed in the middle of their Bible and basically the lesson is when there is sacrifice we go looking for the resurrection and much like in Beauty and Beast, we find our friends as every death is a sacrifice so that worn bodies can get out of the way for all around us new life unfolds. Ask Solas girl the blondie aristocat Marie Curie who I said I would find the next one and go to that one too as I was unprepared, why Gaston had to stab me as she doesn’t know Gaston, it probably was some Burberry chick resulting from a misunderstanding says Xerxes Liu to Leonidas Gaston, but it doesn’t stop him, as they say lions are absolute masters of their domain but tigers like me have a way of showing up in their house if there are problems, ask India about the Sino-Indian Border War! No alas I am in fact have always been Canadian since I was three and only recently became American with the Beauty and Beast transformation, I just tell people I am American while traveling because hooligans will beat up Canadians unless we pretend we are proudly sewing American flags on our backpacks, and before I was three I was American immigrant in a way to China and then moved to Canada where I began to naturalize. It is as psychotic as an elf and Peter Pan is one ugly depiction of elf, I think Emma Watson is an elf.


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